SZ game machine twist cable assemblies for,dupont 2.0mm pitch

Eshine offers high-end harness designs specializing in high-signal, high-density and high-speed applications for fully integrated solutions in all industries from power to signal.

The signal harnesses offer wire-to-board and wire-to-wire options and enable multi-branch harnessing configurations.


Connector housing:Equivalent of Dupont male and header,JST FI-X

Pitch:1.0mm and 2.0mm connector
Cable:UL standard cable,such as UL1007,UL1571,UL2464,UL2468 etc.

Cable length:400mm

Signal-jumpers; high-power solutions
Computers, notebook PC,LCD,Digital camera,PAD,Led lamp,Fingerprint machine, flat colorful Tv, power source for electronic communiction.Business machine,Telecommunications, Home appliances,Industrial, Medical, Cell phone, Security systems,automotive etc.

OEM order are welcomed!


Wire /Cable harnesses assemblies

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